On November 20th, 2010
I married an amazing man.
It was everything we had wanted out of the day.
It was perfect.
 To everyone's surprise, it only took me one shopping trip to find "the dress'.
However, the shoes were another story.
I felt glamorous
I felt like a princess
Marrying my Spanish prince.
It was a traditional wedding, with some nontraditional twists.
We had a "first look" before walking down the aisle,
and although my mother gasped at the idea,
it was by far my favorite moment of the entire day.
Other than when they pronounced us husband and wife.
It was a day full of new love,
 both old and young.
 Marrying a man from Spain means the party started early and ended late.
It was a night full of Spanish music,
 and Spanish dancing.
 It was a night to always remember
and never forget.
And who would have known that a year and 4 days later...
 we would have this little lady,
all because two people fell in love.
 *A serious shout out to Limelight photography for capturing our wedding day*


  1. I am IN LOVE with these pictures. They are gorgeous! & you felt glamorous and like a princess..you WERE!!! That dress is simply beautiful. I would have never taken it off!! My husband and I got married on November 6, 2010!! :) We almost share an anniversary. ♥

  2. Stephany,
    You are too sweet. Thank you so much. I must admit I put the dress back on a few months after the wedding ;) It was a wonderful day. How fun we both got married in November. Doesn't it seem like forever ago?