Bath Time Giveaway

In our house lately, we have been taking lots of baths. 
Since Tiny was born she adored feeling the warm water on her skin,
and since then, she never looked back!
We often get in just to play and splash...and WOW can that girl splash!
We go through quite a few bath towels in a week. 
So in honor of Tiny and her love for all things bath,
I'm having a giveaway!!!
Last week I posted about some of our must have items,
 and among them were Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.
 Well not only do they make the most luxuriously soft blankets...
they also make hooded bath towels. 
And let me tell you, they are soft!
One of you lucky Laughing Bellies readers will win an adorable Aden and Anais hooded bath towel and wash cloth set.
And don't worry... I won't tell if you give it a try too.
But since this is a post about bath time,
here is a little look at Tiny's bath time history:
 My oh my, how she has grown.
Now back to the giveaway.
1. If you haven't done so yet, Like Laughing bellies on Facebook.
2. Share the giveaway with a friend on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment telling what item you love for bath time (can be for you OR your little one).
The winner will be drawn at random next Friday, October 5th.
Happy Friday and happy splashing!
*A special thanks to Marion's Boutique for this wonderful giveaway*


Wordless Wednesday

20 minutes later...
Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Parent Rap

This might be the most clever and funniest video I have seen in awhile! 
Not only are they parents but they have 3 kids, 
and somehow still find the time to make rap videos...incredible.


Girls Rule

You are never too young for a girls weekend,
and this weekend is exactly what we did this weekend.
We headed south to Naples for a little R&R and surprisingly with two babies,
we actually did rest and relax.
 Tiny even tried out her walking feet, and gave free rides

And we even celebrated the first day of fall with the most delicious pumpkin chili.
It was a weekend where girls did rule...and drool.
Hope yours was just as wonderful!


Happy Friday

In our household, dogs are better than any toy.
As a matter of fact, tiny gets so excited when she sees a dog that she pants like one.
So in honor of her adoration with dogs, here are two of our very favorite doggie videos.
Happy Friday!


Must Have Items

I can't quite call myself an expert at this motherhood thing yet but I can say that 9 months later,
 I now know what is truly necessary and what we really didn't need to waste our money on.
Here is a list of some of our must have, can't live without items! 

1. The Ergo Carrier
Aside from my fabric ring sling, this carrier is by far the best money spent. Tiny LOVES it and I can't resist feeling her so close and snuggly.

2. Summer infant baby bath
Although Lucia would probably laugh at us if we tried to put her in this now, this was her favorite spot for many many months while taking a bath. It's lightweight, the perfect size and fold-able making it easy to store...until I can put the next little peanut in it.

3. Swaddlers
It seems like years ago since we used these but just 5 short months ago, tiny used to get "burritoed" every night. To be honest, I think it was harder on us to pack it away than it was on her.

4. BumGenius All in One Cloth Diapers
 It took awhile to finally decide on which type of cloth diapers we were going to use, but I must say I couldn't be happier with our final decision. These cloth diapers are just as easy to use as a disposable...seriously they are!

5. Musical Instrument Set
This wasn't exactly a must have early on, but it sure is now. I truly believe I have our weekly music class to thank, but tiny uses this every day and it is amazing to see her learn to use each instrument and feel the rhythm.

6. Bibs with Pockets
To say that we couldn't live without these is a little extreme, but I will say that they make our mealtime a heck of a lot easier. Tiny is still learning to eat and not everything that she picks up gets into her mouth so it sure is nice when the missed pieces fall into a single pocket rather than all over the floor.

7. White Noise Sound Machine
 I originally bought this for myself years ago, but once Lucia arrived, I realized it was the perfect addition to her room, or really any room she sleeps in. It blocks out a lot of unwanted sound, like when our world's worst dog is up to no good!

What are some of your must have items?


Passing Of The Torch

Wondering where I've been?
Well...I'm back.
It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks, with a house full of visitors, and overnight road trip,
and old friends visiting from out of town.
I stressed about things that turned out to be just fine,
and I went out, like really out for the first time since tiny came into my life.
It was a very strange mix of missing my old relatively responsibly free life,
 and missing my life as I know it now.
The drinks were delicious and the dancing was fun,
but it didn't stop me from texting 11 times (yes, we counted) to make sure everything was OK.
It's not that I don't trust my own mother, better known as yaya these days,
it's just that when I go out I am trapped.
Trapped in an internal battle between wanting to be out dancing the night away
and wanting to be home tucking my baby into bed.
As I sipped on my Moscow Mule 
(the most delicious cocktail of vodka, ginger beer and lime)
I began to wonder if going out would ever be the same.
Instead of being a part of the night scene,
I couldn't help but feel like a spectator on the side lines.
Perhaps when my tiny becomes more independent, I too will get my independence back.
However until then, I think it's time to pass the going out torch to the new experts.
Don't worry though, one day night I will be back.
But for now....I am the queen of the daytime scene.
So please excuse me while I get ready for story time,
where you must be 24 months or younger to enter.


Wordless Wednesday

Remember the World's Worst dog?
He's at it again.
Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Never Forget

On a day like today, I can't help but become nostalgic.
I wish I could say it was the type of nostalgia filled with sweet aromas and laughter,
but it's not, and I bet you can remember exactly where you were today too.
I wish today wasn't forever engrained in my memory along with those other "days I'll never forget",
but it is, and because of that it will always hold a place in my heart.
11 years ago today, on Sept. 11th I was in a completely different place in my life.
I wasn't a mother, in fact when the towers were hit....I ran to my own mother, confused and scared. 
And now I am a mother myself, with a tiny to protect and comfort in moments of confusion.
Life changing moments such as Sept. 11th change people,
and even 11 years later I can't help but wonder why things like that happen.
I have always been highly sensitive to life's unfortunate events and since having Lucia, I can barely watch the news without feeling defeated.
But now that I'm a mother I wrestle with finding the right balance for tiny.
I don't want her to be oblivious to the world, but I don't want her to walk around in fear either.
I try daily to only exude positive energy to her. 
I refuse to let the negativity of others affect our life.
I promise her daily to do my best to protect her, love her, and nurture her with all my heart.
On a day like today, I am reminded to cuddle her a little longer, Kiss her a little extra,
and tell her I love her a million and 1 times.
I hope you do the same with your loved ones!


Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!


Tiny is Famous

Ok. I will just start this post by saying I totally acknowledge how lame this is...
which I guess ultimately makes me lame.
But while some can call me lame, 
I just call it proud. 
A very proud mama indeed. 
And well, the truth is Money talks!
Tiny was entered into Gerber's Generation Photo Search,
and while I think she should totally win...
there are also like 30,000 other mom's who think the same about their own tiny.
So I need your help.
You can search for Tiny using her very own code on the Gerber Photo Site by entering 450569 Or
Click here to vote each day.
If we get enough votes, tiny will go to college...Ok well she probably would have gone anyway,
but Gerber would save us $10,000.
And if you guys really rock,
we could even win $50,000.
And who knows,
If we actually win...maybe Tiny will share her earnings with you?
Now go vote pretty pretty please.

A lame, proud mama.


Montessori Monday

This Labor day we are filling our home with treasures!
 It's a Montessori concept and I love. love. love that every single object is real.
Not plastic.
They don't sing and dance.
They don't light up.
But they evoke curiosity in the littlest of minds.
 I gathered nearly 30 objects or so around the house. 
And made sure that each type of material was added.
Cloth, wood, glass, string.
I even put a lavender scented cotton ball inside a salt shaker for tiny to sniff.
 I made sure not to introduce the treasure basket around other toys,
so that the basket had her entire focus.
 She was intrigued from the start.
 Feeling string in between her fingers,
 shaking bells to delight her ears in beautiful self made music,
 And she made sure not to let her toes miss out on any of the wonderful new sensations.
 I sat back and watched her discover.
 Trying hard not to interrupt.
(why is that so hard?)
It was a huge success.
I plan on rotating the "treasures" every week or so, adding new items in and taking a few out.
The treasure basket is here to stay!
And we are working hard to add more Montessori ideas into our home.