Tiny is Famous

Ok. I will just start this post by saying I totally acknowledge how lame this is...
which I guess ultimately makes me lame.
But while some can call me lame, 
I just call it proud. 
A very proud mama indeed. 
And well, the truth is Money talks!
Tiny was entered into Gerber's Generation Photo Search,
and while I think she should totally win...
there are also like 30,000 other mom's who think the same about their own tiny.
So I need your help.
You can search for Tiny using her very own code on the Gerber Photo Site by entering 450569 Or
Click here to vote each day.
If we get enough votes, tiny will go to college...Ok well she probably would have gone anyway,
but Gerber would save us $10,000.
And if you guys really rock,
we could even win $50,000.
And who knows,
If we actually win...maybe Tiny will share her earnings with you?
Now go vote pretty pretty please.

A lame, proud mama.

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