Montessori Monday

This Labor day we are filling our home with treasures!
 It's a Montessori concept and I love. love. love that every single object is real.
Not plastic.
They don't sing and dance.
They don't light up.
But they evoke curiosity in the littlest of minds.
 I gathered nearly 30 objects or so around the house. 
And made sure that each type of material was added.
Cloth, wood, glass, string.
I even put a lavender scented cotton ball inside a salt shaker for tiny to sniff.
 I made sure not to introduce the treasure basket around other toys,
so that the basket had her entire focus.
 She was intrigued from the start.
 Feeling string in between her fingers,
 shaking bells to delight her ears in beautiful self made music,
 And she made sure not to let her toes miss out on any of the wonderful new sensations.
 I sat back and watched her discover.
 Trying hard not to interrupt.
(why is that so hard?)
It was a huge success.
I plan on rotating the "treasures" every week or so, adding new items in and taking a few out.
The treasure basket is here to stay!
And we are working hard to add more Montessori ideas into our home.

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