Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we spent 10 hours driving home from North Carolina.
It definitely wasn't the first time we made the trip,
but it was the first time my hubs and I hit the road,
along with our tiny, 2 dogs, and our luggage attached to the roof.
 This is how we spent half the trip. 
Baby Einstein is her recent addiction,
and although I can say I'm not a huge proponent of TV,
anything goes on a 10 hour car ride.
She protested sleep for most of the way...
 and fell asleep just as we pulled into town.
Home never felt so sweet.


Friday Fashion

Cowgirl Baby
In honor of our country vacation, today's Friday fashion is a little bit country and a whole lot of cute.
Happy Friday.


Down on Grandpa's Farm

Down on Grandpa's farm...
 we see new things
 we feel alpaca fur for the first time
 we check each other out
 we feel safe with Papa
 we become brave
 We learn that animals talk too
 we pass out treats
and we learn to make friends
no matter what the other looks like


A Fast Food Tradition

 Most days, I eat healthy.
I LOVE greens,
and it's not uncommon to find me eating a handful of raw spinach,
or my all time favorite; arugula.
there are always exceptions. 
The Varsity is by far the best one of all. 
 It's a tradition that started when my mom was a child,
and has continued through the years whenever we drive through Atlanta.
No trip is complete without hearing the famous "what'll ya have, what'll ya have",
a chili dog, french fries,
and onion rings 
(I never said it was healthy).
 Unhealthy never tasted so good.
 It was no surprise that tiny took an immediate interest,
 it was as if she knew this would be one of many visits, 
continuing this long time tradition.
 And she couldn't be happier.



This weekend we enjoyed our first family vacation at the beautiful Callaway Gardens in GA.
We spent Earth day walking thorough the amazing grounds, and came across a butterfly center.
Past childhood memories of visiting once before came flooding back,
and I couldn't help but realize that it wasn't quite as big as I had once thought it was.
But the experience was just the same 100 times better with our tiny in tow.

She was in baby awe and even though she won't remember it,
I like to approach everything we do as a "molding" process.
Every little thing we expose her to now,
will help to mold her into who she becomes.
 As I watched the butterflies flutter through the air,
It reminded me of my own little butterfly.
She depends on me now, and I must admit it is the greatest feeling.
But I know one day she will get her own wings,
learn to spread her wings
and fly.
(and I will stand back and smile cry my eyes out)


Guest blogging

Hey friends...taking a break from Laughing Bellies today to guest blog over at Teetheme
Teetheme is the coolest thing since sliced bread 
and in honor of today's great cloth diaper change, 
They are giving away cloth diapers to a lucky mama. 
Be sure to enter!


Friday Fashions

 Are you drooling yet? 
These a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e outfits are from Tea Collection and are perfect for this upcoming summer.
Tea offers bali-bohemian style baby, children, and women clothing,
which is perfect for my shopping motto: two for baby, one for me.
Be sure to check them out,
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Happy Friday!


Adventures with Sophie

If you haven't met Sophie,
let me introduce you.
 She is a giraffe made of natural rubber,
 She squeaks,
 and just the other day caused a massive dog fight between our two dogs.
But she is not a dog toy,
 and she has been described as crack for babies,
 and if that is any indication of my tiny's future,
 then we have some serious problems,
because this little girl loves Sophie.


Pain Free Labor

I became pregnant last year, and after the initial shock,
I began researching all my options.
I knew I wanted to have a natural birth. 
It was always something that appealed to me,
but the unknown can be very scary.
I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I wanted the big day to go down,
and stressed about the pain.
You know,
the pain that so many women feel so inclined to tell you about,
 the moment they find out your expecting.
It scared me and made me doubt myself. 
Until I found Hypnobirthing.
Now if you are hoping for curse words and screams to fly through the room,
this is not for you.
But if you want a calm, peaceful and relatively pain free birth,
look no further!
Unfortunately, because it has the word hypno it in, many people stop reading and run at this point. 
I assure you though, you will not be quacking like a duck,
 And I am 100% positive that If you give it a chance, I can convert you,
and if I can't then surely Andrea Crouch, a licensed hypnotherapist can.
Andrea graciously let me join her hypnobirthing class,
as my expected date grew closer, and my nerves grew stronger. 
It was exactly what I needed
and I have her to thank for giving me that extra boost of confidence,
and teaching me so many wonderful techniques for my tiny's arrival...which you can read about here.
 Our recent interview contains so much invaluable information that I didn't want to cut anything out. 
Check it out below, and if you don't have the time to read it, let me sum it up in 6 words:
Hypnobirthing is amazing and it works.

Me: What is hypnobirthing and will I become hypnotized?
Andrea: HypnoBirthing is a form of birth education that teaches self hypnosis techniques to be used in labor and birth.  Its techniques are based on the philosophy that birth is a normal, natural, physiological function of the female body and that when the mind is relaxed, so is the body.  A relaxed body leads to a more comfortable and gentle birthing.  Yes, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a natural, normal function of the human mind.  We go into self hypnosis many times during the day and aren’t even aware of it.  Daydreaming, highway hypnosis, dreaming, creative thought and visualization are all functions and examples of the subconscious mind at work.   

Me: Who can benefit from this? 
Andrea: Anyone that is interested in a more comfortable, relaxed and peaceful birthing would benefit from HypnoBirthing.  Moms that seem to be very stressed or concerned about their first birth or Moms concerned about birthing due to a previous birth will strongly benefit from HypnoBirthing.  Moms that already use meditation, yoga or other self hypnosis techniques as part of their daily routine will strongly benefit from adding HypnoBirthing techniques to their practice as well.
       Me: Does Hypnobirthing allow for my partner to be involved?
 Andrea: Yes.  HypnoBirthing encourages your partner to be involved in each class (or as many as they can attend) in order to learn scripts, suggestions, and relaxation techniques to keep you feeling great during labor and birth.  HypnoBirthing believes that babies are born the greatest ease when labor and birth mimic conception or at least the mind and body’s perception of conception. 
 Me: Will I have a pain free birth if I use Hypnobirthing?
 Andrea:  The degree of the comfort level varies from woman to woman during labor and birth.  In HypnoBirthing we work to eliminate and reframe unnecessary concerns that could stand in the way of you having the most comfortable birth possible.  Many women report feeling nothing more than strong menstrual cramps or sensations of tightening and pressure. 

Me: Do you need to plan on having a natural birth to have success with hypnobirthing?  
Andrea:  You do not have to plan on having a natural birth in order to have success with HypnoBirthing.  The relaxation, self hypnosis and breathing techniques you will learn will help you have a more comfortable, gentle birth, regardless of the type of birth you have.  

 Me: When is the best time to start?
 Andrea:  Anytime during your pregnancy is fine to start the class, however, many couples like to begin around their second trimester to have plenty of time during the rest of the pregnancy to practice the techniques.  Those that practice more seem to have better “muscle memory” when it comes to getting in to the relaxed HypnoBirthing “zone”.

Me: What does a typical class look like?
 AndreaA typical class involves participation between you and the instructor or you and your birth companion along with other expectant couples learning self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques along with watching/discussing videos of natural HypnoBirthing births as well as discussion on the physiology of birthing and how to make labor and birthing comfortable by directing our mind/emotions.

       Me: If I’m interested, what do I do next? Where can I get involved?
 Andrea: If interested you can visit www.hypnobirthing.com to find a class nearest you or speak to Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner in your area.  Locally, Healthy Being Wellness Center www.healthybeingllc.com , offers group classes on Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings or private classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment, visit www.loveselfhypnosis.com for class schedule.

So there you have it. Hypnobirthing takes commitment and practice, but it really works. I truly had an amazing birth experience and stayed calm the whole time. If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or know someone who is, I urge you to give it a try.


Away We Go

These past two days have been a whirlwind. 
We spent nearly all day packing for our very first road trip. 
We are North Carolina Bound...to Yaya's house we go.
We = my mother (yaya), Lucia, myself, and two dogs. 
Poor Papa is staying behind until Saturday.
I knew it was going to be a task packing for the clan,
but I didn't anticipate just how time consuming it would be.
I mean, really how many clothes can a 4 1/2 month old need?
Three to be exact. 
Three bags, bursting at the seams.
 In went the bags,
In went the Bumbo,
because no trip is complete without this miracle baby product
and away we go.


Little Fish

Another beautiful weekend spent together.
We decided to take tiny to the aquarium.
 I must admit, I was just as excited as she was.
 That's the beauty of having children, you get to be one all over again.
 The day was filled with Wonderment,
 and Discovery.
Tiny realized she's just a little fish in a big pond.
 We realized just how blessed we are,
And to always be ready for the camera...Take 1
Take 2.
I hope your weekend was filled with many happy memories.