This weekend we enjoyed our first family vacation at the beautiful Callaway Gardens in GA.
We spent Earth day walking thorough the amazing grounds, and came across a butterfly center.
Past childhood memories of visiting once before came flooding back,
and I couldn't help but realize that it wasn't quite as big as I had once thought it was.
But the experience was just the same 100 times better with our tiny in tow.

She was in baby awe and even though she won't remember it,
I like to approach everything we do as a "molding" process.
Every little thing we expose her to now,
will help to mold her into who she becomes.
 As I watched the butterflies flutter through the air,
It reminded me of my own little butterfly.
She depends on me now, and I must admit it is the greatest feeling.
But I know one day she will get her own wings,
learn to spread her wings
and fly.
(and I will stand back and smile cry my eyes out)


  1. you are up in our favorite neck of the woods!
    love. love. love.

    1. Leslie-
      It is such a beautiful area. Family vacations are the best :)

  2. hahahah love the strike of smile to cry... I feel the same way about our little tank. :)

    1. Nicole-I am pretty sure I could do both at the same time. Motherhood can get the best of my emotions!