A Fast Food Tradition

 Most days, I eat healthy.
I LOVE greens,
and it's not uncommon to find me eating a handful of raw spinach,
or my all time favorite; arugula.
there are always exceptions. 
The Varsity is by far the best one of all. 
 It's a tradition that started when my mom was a child,
and has continued through the years whenever we drive through Atlanta.
No trip is complete without hearing the famous "what'll ya have, what'll ya have",
a chili dog, french fries,
and onion rings 
(I never said it was healthy).
 Unhealthy never tasted so good.
 It was no surprise that tiny took an immediate interest,
 it was as if she knew this would be one of many visits, 
continuing this long time tradition.
 And she couldn't be happier.


  1. Oh the joy of a chili dog and onion rings. so happy to share this with "My Little Butter Bean"!!!

  2. Great shots. What year was it when we were first taken there by Aunt Mimi, ask Mindy?
    For 25+ years we vacationed in the mountains and couldn't pass ATL without stopping for a bucket of grease.

    Now you have that little girl hooked as well. Remember there is one in Athens if you go home East of ATL.
    The next time you come up you need to stop at Col. Poole's Pigs on the Hill BBQ in Ellijay, GA.
    They are only open Thur - Sat but has been the best BBQ in the mountains since Mindy had a cabin in Talking Rock...