World's Worst!

A few weeks ago my husband and I set out to create the perfect play space for our tiny.
We must have looked at nearly every safety gate, 
and we tired out our brains coming up with the configuration.
We settled on a gate, installed it, and got to work putting everything in it's place.
I was thrilled with the way it turned out...
until I came home to find it had been chewed through by what is LITERALLY
 the world's worst dog!
See for yourself:
I wish I could say this was a one time thing,
but around here he is known for his antics. 
On this day, a thunderstorm rolled through our neighborhood
and although he looks like a wild wolf, he is the biggest baby you have ever met.
At any rate, I was beyond upset to come home to find this.
It didn't take tiny long to realize it made the perfect sized crawl space for her.
(forgive the antique iphone 3 quality photo)
So we set out on another journey, except this time we really had to get creative.
I must say my husbands crafty skills impressed me,
and after much thought and time:
this is what we came up with.
I must say, from afar it doesn't look so bad.
I'll be taking orders all week,
and you don't even have to pay me...we can just trade for a certain furry friend.

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