Dear Tiny

Dear Tiny,
I often wake up and wonder how we got here. You have now been in this crazy world for just as long as you were growing inside me.
I look at you in wonderment and amazement Every. Single. Day. 
Every day is a new and exciting adventure for both you and I. 
You are becoming your own little being and I can't get enough of watching you grow, change and figure things out on your own.
Our hearts are connected with an intensity of feelings, real feelings. When your mad, watch out. When your sad, my heart aches with you and when your happy my heart is right there with you dancing with joy. 
NOTHING makes me happier than seeing you happy, and that is the way you usually are.
We are trying our best to create a loving, sweet atmosphere filled with laughter. Lots of laughter.
I often think my heart can't love anymore but then it does the very next day. It is continually overflowing with joy.
There are moments I look at you and giggle with delight and then there are moments in which I am on the verge of tears at how quickly time is passing. 
You are full of life. Moving and crawling in every direction. You don't hold back and you teach us something new every single day. You wear your heart and emotions on your sleeve, hiding nothing. You trust us to trust you, and we do. We have the ultimate trust in you.
Trust that you will grow and learn and become the amazing little human that God intended for you to be. 
Thank you for choosing us as your parents. We take our roles very seriously and will forever be grateful that we can call you our child. 
If it's true what they say; that every stage is better than the last...well then I can't wait for the future because the present is perfection.
Love you to the moon and back.


  1. This is awesome. :) I can relate, for sure.

  2. This really touches the heart of the wonderful journey of being a parent. Love this and love you.