Padalily Giveaway

Ok all you Mama's with babes who are still riding snuggly in their infant car seats. 
I envy you. 
We are getting ready to move on up to the convertible car seat for our tiny...
you know,
 the seat that no longer allows you to bring baby with you wherever you go while they sleep!
We have had a good run with our infant car seat. It's been great while it lasted, except for one small heavy issue:
Tiny is not so tiny anymore,
 and carrying her around is heavy enough but once you add the added weight of the seat, 
It's enough to give you a serious workout, and kill your forearm in the process.
But today, I have the solution for you, and this is a real winner!
Oh how I wish I would have had this product to alleviate all those arm aches.
Let me introduce you to your new best friend-The Padalily.
Check this out:

No longer does your arm have to scream and curse at you
 while you carry your precious little mini me around.
Just wrap the reversible pad around the handle and off you go.
It even has hooks to hang toys from.
I know, genius right?
One Laughing Bellies reader is going to win this adorable, and oh so needed Padalily:
I love that it's reversible. 
And so will your arm.
Truly as a new mom, I say this is an absolute must for any mom with a infant car seat.
Don't have a baby? Know someone who does? Enter.
This is a gift that is SURE to have them saying WOW!
*A special thanks so Marion's once again for offering this wonderful giveaway. Live in St. Pete? You must check out her adorable store!
Ready to give your arm a break?
Here's how:

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4. Leave a comment telling me where your favorite place to cart around your tiny is!
The winner will be announced on Friday.
Good luck!


  1. Just posted to ALL my friends on Facebook :-) how cute! I can't wait to carry Miss Quinn around everywhere... Especially in St.Pete hoping to run into friends!

  2. Jessie, It won't be much longer now!

  3. This is adorable! I'm only at 18 weeks, but I can see how useful this will be for the infant seat! I found you on the Blogger link up and have bookmarked your site. I've been trying to add to my reading list. Glad to meet you!

    1. oh and I added your page on Facebook. ^_^

    2. Welcome Trina. I love when new friends stop by! I'm so glad you found us. CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! Hopefully you will win...I think this is one of the coolest inventions!

  4. Perfect timing as I'm havin my baby girl tomorrow! Ive been carting her everywhere in my belly. But I have to say my fav place to cart my son was Target - a new mom's best friend!!! I imagine baby sister will be carted to all the parks where big brother and his friends play :-)

    Ps - shared with all friends!