Must Have Items

I can't quite call myself an expert at this motherhood thing yet but I can say that 9 months later,
 I now know what is truly necessary and what we really didn't need to waste our money on.
Here is a list of some of our must have, can't live without items! 

1. The Ergo Carrier
Aside from my fabric ring sling, this carrier is by far the best money spent. Tiny LOVES it and I can't resist feeling her so close and snuggly.

2. Summer infant baby bath
Although Lucia would probably laugh at us if we tried to put her in this now, this was her favorite spot for many many months while taking a bath. It's lightweight, the perfect size and fold-able making it easy to store...until I can put the next little peanut in it.

3. Swaddlers
It seems like years ago since we used these but just 5 short months ago, tiny used to get "burritoed" every night. To be honest, I think it was harder on us to pack it away than it was on her.

4. BumGenius All in One Cloth Diapers
 It took awhile to finally decide on which type of cloth diapers we were going to use, but I must say I couldn't be happier with our final decision. These cloth diapers are just as easy to use as a disposable...seriously they are!

5. Musical Instrument Set
This wasn't exactly a must have early on, but it sure is now. I truly believe I have our weekly music class to thank, but tiny uses this every day and it is amazing to see her learn to use each instrument and feel the rhythm.

6. Bibs with Pockets
To say that we couldn't live without these is a little extreme, but I will say that they make our mealtime a heck of a lot easier. Tiny is still learning to eat and not everything that she picks up gets into her mouth so it sure is nice when the missed pieces fall into a single pocket rather than all over the floor.

7. White Noise Sound Machine
 I originally bought this for myself years ago, but once Lucia arrived, I realized it was the perfect addition to her room, or really any room she sleeps in. It blocks out a lot of unwanted sound, like when our world's worst dog is up to no good!

What are some of your must have items?

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