Passing Of The Torch

Wondering where I've been?
Well...I'm back.
It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks, with a house full of visitors, and overnight road trip,
and old friends visiting from out of town.
I stressed about things that turned out to be just fine,
and I went out, like really out for the first time since tiny came into my life.
It was a very strange mix of missing my old relatively responsibly free life,
 and missing my life as I know it now.
The drinks were delicious and the dancing was fun,
but it didn't stop me from texting 11 times (yes, we counted) to make sure everything was OK.
It's not that I don't trust my own mother, better known as yaya these days,
it's just that when I go out I am trapped.
Trapped in an internal battle between wanting to be out dancing the night away
and wanting to be home tucking my baby into bed.
As I sipped on my Moscow Mule 
(the most delicious cocktail of vodka, ginger beer and lime)
I began to wonder if going out would ever be the same.
Instead of being a part of the night scene,
I couldn't help but feel like a spectator on the side lines.
Perhaps when my tiny becomes more independent, I too will get my independence back.
However until then, I think it's time to pass the going out torch to the new experts.
Don't worry though, one day night I will be back.
But for now....I am the queen of the daytime scene.
So please excuse me while I get ready for story time,
where you must be 24 months or younger to enter.

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