You and Me and Music Together

Since our tiny has started engaging herself in the world,
since she has begun responding and interacting with us and others
it was my goal to find activities that would keep her interested and learning at the same time.
Oh my dear readers...little did I know, 
I would stumble upon a music class that often times makes me think 
"who is this really for".
You and Me and Music Together has been one of the many highlights of our week.
From the moment I stepped foot into Ms. Colleen McGrath's class,
music filled our hearts and minds,
and I haven't stopped singing since.
My little lady has become just as infatuated
with the singing and dancing that has taken over her life.
She can be on the verge of a nap and the moment she sets eyes on Ms. Colleen and hears the strum of her guitar, she becomes googly-eyed
 and transcends into a musical heaven.
But really it's impossible not to when you have a teacher with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University, a Masters of Music from the Boston Conservatory of Music 
and has a classically trained opera voice. 
(talk about credentials)
You and Me and Music together is a FANTASTIC program,
 with on-going research to make sure your child is learning not only musically but cognitively and emotionally as well as growing their language and motor skills. 
It is a place where students can come and learn at their own pace.
In fact, it's encouraged not to help your child find the rhythm, clap or dance.
Wait! What? Not help my child?
I know it sounds tough, and it is,
but the rewards are so beneficial.
Ms. Colleen has even said that one of her favorite things about teaching children is to watch them find the tone and beat for the first time and then watch the pride on their parents faces.
Oh, I'm dreaming of this day!
 One of the best parts about the music class is that with each new session,
comes new songs, new instruments and new friends.
In fact, we start the drum themed summer classes this week and I'm not sure who's more excited...
Lucia or me!
 If you are a Tampa Bay local I can't recommend the classes enough.
Visit the You and Me and Music Together website to sign up soon.
If you aren't from "these parts" check out the Music Together website to find a class near you.
I promise it will have you singing the same praises.



  1. A better endorsement could not be given. Thank you, Caroline and Lucia for gracing our class and lending such warmth to it! I'm so thrilled to watch your little lady grow and develop. Thank you for sharing yourselves with our musical community!