A Sleepy Morning

We awoke to a VERY early wake up call this morning.
Tiny was up earlier than usual...and this sleepy mama wasn't ready to get up.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven
 as my husband offered so kindly to get up and watch her while I rested a little longer.
That was until I came out to find this:
 A video gaming husband and a Baby Einstein movie watching baby.
Oh how our ideas of babysitting are different.
It is a good thing he's not getting paid to do this,
and I am sure they don't teach this kind of care at the local babysitting course.
But who am I to complain. 
I got an entire extra hour of sleep.
And It. Was. Heavenly!
And to make up for it,
he made me a heart shaped breakfast.
Who could stay mad after being served this?
And it's just another lesson in the game of parenting.
I've learned that parenting styles can be different.
I've learned that anything goes when it's papa and daughter time,
and most importantly: 
I've learned that who cares when your tired.
I could have stayed mad,
but this mama has better things to do...like sleep!

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  1. That picture is so funny! I have definitely walked in on similar scenarios, too.