Friday Fashion

If you stop by often,
you know that I am a huge fan of the Tea Collection for my tiny.
But did you know that in the United States, 
summer months have higher birth rates than winter months?    
So whether you're a mom-to-be or you want to stock up on baby shower gifts,
 be sure to check out Tea Collections Sale! 
For 4-days only
Tea Collection is offering $15 off Tea Baby with promo code BABY15 during their Tea Baby Sale.
This is a serious deal!

Tea Collection is also offering buy two Gift Boxed Sets
 and receive an Explore Gift Boxed Set for free. 
Enter GIFTGIRL for a free Explore Akita Gift Boxed Set (size 6-9 months).
Enter GIFTBOY for a free Explore Moon Gift Boxed Set (size 6-9 months). 
Be sure to check out the Tea Baby Sale today
And I suggest you hurry, before I buy it all.
(I wish)

Happy Friday Friends.

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