Bellies full

Ever since this beauty came into our lives 8 weeks ago, we have done a whole lot of laughing and we are starting to get some giggles back (which by the way can melt even the coldest of hearts)

 Although we have found ourselves at trying crossroads and not all moments are as adorable as the above (see picture below), we are continually finding ourselves laughing at each unexpected milestone that our little family of 3 has made.

Our bellies are full. Full of love, joy and most of all laughter because after all, when the day is done, laughter is what gets our family through...and maybe it will help get rid of this post pregnancy belly too.

                                             And this belly, well it's just full of breast milk!


  1. Love it Caroline! Your blog is dead on. We are at the stage with Ethan where some stuff you can't laugh at on front of him or it will encourage it so we say LOL out loud and laugh about it later amongst ourselves... And what post prego belly are you talking about? No seriously what belly? :) Thanks for sharing your world. xo

  2. Love Love Love it, especially that last line and picture too cute.