A Magical Tradition

A trip to our local bookstore was always a weekend treat.
As a young girl I eagerly looked forward to being transported to what seemed like a magical world.
So it only seemed appropriate to carry on the tradition.
The "Over 300,000 books in stock" is no exaggeration. 
You could get lost in the magical world of books for hours here at Haslam's.

And the amazement I felt all those years ago came rushing back.

 Only this time, instead of my mom reading to her "little bunny",
I was reading to my very own...and she was so intrigued she fell asleep.
 And this book bone is perfect for hands free reading.
Now I can nurse and read a book. 
Talk about multitasking.

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  1. I love this and the fact that Lucia will love Haslam's like you did.