Baby Boot Camp

I have always had a love, hate relationship with it. 
In my single days, 
when looking good was more important than getting a good nights rest I was all about it. 
But ever since I found myself married, 
and especially now with a new baby that I can't bear the thought of leaving home for more than an hour,
I avoid the gym like the bubonic plaque. 
That was until I gave Baby Boot Camp a try. 

Baby boot camp is a workout program designed for both new moms and veteran moms alike. After my first few classes, I really started looking forward to my morning workouts; a place where no one cared if I smelled of spit up, had circles under my eyes, or if my outfit matched. I was just impressed that I actually made it out of the house and somewhere on time!

I recently had the opportunity to interview Christie Bruner, the national fitness coordinator for the baby boot camp company, as well as the owner of the St. Petersburg Baby boot camp franchise. 
Talk about inspiration!
Christie has an Exercise Science degree and swam competitively her entire life. At the time she had her first daughter, she was a Program Director for a kids gymnastics program but feeling fed up with a long drive and having to leave her daughter in daycare, 
she looked into other options.
 Little did she know, it would be the beginning to something great. 
After giving Baby boot camp a try in Tampa, she decided to bridge the gap and bring this innovative workout to St. Petersburg. 
I can assure you that many moms are glad she did. 

If you aren’t the workout type, don’t fret. 
Baby boot camp is truly a class for all fitness levels. 
When asking Christie who can benefit,
 she assured me that the program is a come one, come all type approach.
 “At any given time, we could have a mom who is seven months pregnant, 
a new mom with a two year old, a former collegiate runner, 
and a mom who has never worked out a day in her life”.   

I can attest that I am not the collegiate runner and I fit in just fine.

If your wondering what to expect here’s what Christie had to say: 
“We begin class with a five minute warm up.  It’s always okay if moms are a bit late; 
(Mom's she said a bit late, don't push it) 
sometimes it’s a chore just to get out of the house! 
cardio and strength segments. 
 We will walk or jog with the strollers to a station, 
a short distance away from our warm up area.  
 Then, the moms perform a few strength-training activities with the resistance tubing. 
We also sing some songs and include the kids in the exercise. 
 Next, it’s off to another station for more strength moves. 
 We continue this interval type training throughout the next 50 minutes around the park.  
 The class finishes up with the moms and kids, out on blankets or mats for core work".

So what are you waiting for? 
Hop on over to the official baby boot camp website to get more information.  
It is truly a great way to meet new friends, get in shape, and it’s never too early to set an example for your wee ones.

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