The Finest Accessory

I have never been one to be too into fashion,
But I am pretty sure I have found the latest and greatest accessory.
So great in fact that it took nearly 10 months to create.
 I received this beautiful ring sling from some friends 
and I am sure that I couldn't have done without it. 
The closeness that it creates between me and my tiny makes my heart complete,
and it makes everyday tasks like grocery shopping much easier.
Since my tiny isn't really all that tiny anymore,
I recently bought the Ergobaby sling to give us a little more support.
It's more of a backpack for baby really,
and it often makes me feel like I am going to school...for motherhood,
but instead of a backpack full of books,
mine holds a baby.
I know one day she won't let me hold her against me,
but until that day comes I am going to keep wearing her like she is the finest accessory.

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