St. Patrick's day is always plagued by those pesky little leprechauns.
They must have been feeling extra nice this year,
because instead of making a mess,
they brought me this.

Luck is definitely on my side this year.
Happy St. Patrick's day.


  1. This sweet little Irish girl is way too adorable. The Leprechans got it right this year!

  2. Hi Caroline, I am a friend of your Mom's from our vacation homes in NC and have loved reading your blog as she posts the links to it on FB. We, too, have our first grandchild (Peyton Avery) who just turned one and so many of your remembrances are things we experienced in the past few months. The joy I remember when my daughter arrived in our home (through adoption) is so similar to the joy we feel with our granddaughter. How DID we ever live without her???? Lucia is precious and I know she will have a wonderful life with such loving and creative parents as you and your husband.
    Blessings to you all . . .
    Linda Thomas