I'm always on the lookout for fun, interesting and unique toys,
so when my husband and I came across Deglingos on our recent summer trip to Spain,
we thought we hit the jackpot.
I have always loved pigs,
(ironic that I married someone who comes from Spain where they only eat pork),
and this little guy, Jambones, stole our hearts, so off he went to America.

We proudly displayed him in our daughters nursery,
and although we intended for him to be an only Deglingos child,
things changed when we stumbled upon his siblings at one of our favorite local boutiques, Marion's
They now entertain our tiny every day.
Marion's is a lovely boutique where you can find everything from jewlery and clothing, 
to home goods and children's gifts, and most importantly, deglingos.
Hop on over to get yours today...unless we beat you to it.

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