CEO Of Mommyhood

If there were any doubts about me taking my Mom job seriously,
rest assured.
I recently ordered mommy cards and now I can say my job is official.
I know, I know, I'm such a mom,
and truthfully I can remember laughing at these years ago.
But let me paint you a picture and maybe you will join the club too.
Mom meets new mom,
babies play well together.
Mom says "hey let's hang out",
Mom digs for pen and paper.
Mom can't find it so she digs for her cell phone.
Baby spits up.
Baby starts crying.
Mom get's frustrated and wishes she had an easier way to share her info.
Sound familiar?
Maybe I am just a beginner at all this,
but anything to simplify my life scores Very high on my list these days.
I ordered these cards from Vistaprint
and since receiving them in the mail,
I have been passing them out like I am the CEO of Mommy-hood.

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