Half A Year

Dear Lucia,
Today you are 6 months old. I'm not exactly sure how it all happened.
People tell you time flies, and they aren't kidding.
These past 6 months have been the best, most entertaining, filled with love months,
I have ever experienced.
I have never laughed or loved anything more. 
I am in AWE of how much you have grown and changed.
When you were a itty bitty baby I would always secretly pray you would stay that way.
But now I find myself feeling the same.
Each stage seems better than the last.
You are a happy, content, sweet, baby.
You adore your papa and your dogs.
You are sitting up, rolling over, have no teeth yet and you aren't sleeping through the night yet.
 I assume it's because you are so busy thinking about what you will do next.
You are coming into your own personality,
many times reminding us of our own traits, but we know you are your own being.
You are slowly introducing us to who you are....and we can't get enough.
In honor of your half birthday, which I plan to make a tradition,
we gave you your first taste of food.
You were less than impressed.
Truthfully, that's just fine with me.
I'll admit I am not ready for you to move on yet.
What we have right now is perfection in my eyes.
I love you.
You will always be my tiny.

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