Insiders View

I feel like I have entered a part of my life that I always admired from the outside.
But I am no longer an outsider looking in.
I have evolved into an insider of the mommy play dates.
I used to see mom's sitting in the park with their babies,
laughing, chatting, sharing a picnic, playing.
 I always thought to myself "that looks like something I could enjoy".
And I can now say it really is something I enjoy.
For me, it is a beautiful thing to have other mom's to enjoy this ride with.
I could never have imagined the joy these picnics would really bring to my life though.
Seeing Lucia happy, makes me happy.
It really is that simple.
 Watching her make friends,
seeing her smile at the trees blowing in the wind,
is all it takes to make my day.
As the seasons change,
friends are added.
And suddenly my tiny has been replaced by the tiniest. 
(don't worry Lucia, you will always be my tiny)
And these meetings are serious business.
friendships are in the making,
and memories are being created.
And that my friends,
is what this wild ride is really all about.