Laundry Fun

Yesterday I wrote about my recent purchase of Wool Dryer Balls and I am happy to say...
they have arrived.
I knew exactly what was inside the package hanging outside of my mailbox from the pungent monkey fart smell.
Yes I said monkey fart.
 It was one of the many scents available to try and since it made me giggle, I had to try it.
It's fruity and smells exactly what you would think a monkeys fart would smell like after eating lots of tropical fruit all day.
 Ok...I'm giggling again. 
Something about that silly "F" word that gets me every time.
It's surprising what makes this stay at home mom laugh these days.
So here they are ready to do their job on my tiny's diapers.
I haven't had them long enough to say if they really cut my drying time in half,
 like so many say they do, 
but I can say that they left my diapers smelling fruity and feeling fluffy and soft.
And the best part is knowing they are naturally free of any chemicals.
To give them a try, check out CleanSpryia's Store on Etsy.
Not only was she a pleasure to work with,
but her dryer balls were recently featured in Martha Stewart's May issue of Whole Living
How cool is that?

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