A New Kind Of Partying

Phew. What a weekend full of parties and celebrations.
From train rides to pool parties,
it was a jam packed weekend full of family fun.
 We started the weekend with the cutest train party I have ever seen.
 Equipped with a "real" train and all.
 Tiny was 5 months shy of her first train ride. 
One day tiny, one day soon.
 All Aboard (except tiny).
 Of course it didn't stop us from taking a ride.
A quick nap...
and we were off to the next party,
ditching the train for the water.
It was a partying, laughing, good time, train riding, pool swimming kind of weekend.
They aren't the kind of parties we used to attend,
but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't trade it for anything.
 How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. the cutest train.....Happy Birthday Brody