Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest
I think you know by now that I like you ADORE you, 
perhaps in a borderline stalking kind of way.
Thank you for helping this poor crafty wanna-be.
You inspire me daily to try things I never knew existed. 
Who knew a mason jar had so many uses.
I can no longer go about my day without thinking "oooo I should pin that".
I hate you for distracting me throughout the day,
yet I love you for filling my mind with an insane amount of creativity.
Though I will probably never try many of these glorious ideas,
you make me look like Martha Stewart to those who are not familiar with your amazing-ness.
(there are not many, but my mother/grandmother are just a few)
As the laundry piles up, and the kitchen floors need mopping, 
YOU pinterest are the one I come back to.
THANK YOU for giving me something to look at on rainy days. 
THANK YOU for making my husband think I have suddenly turned into a professional chef,
and for never letting me worry about what's for dinner again.
You have created a "pinning" fanatic who rarely needs to think on my own, but it's fine with me.
Now I get to spend more time with my darling tiny, wondering what the next genius thing she'll do is... that I can pin.

Yours Truly,

Now and Forever

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