DIY: Giving Head Jewelry A Home

I remember the day we found out that we would be having a daughter.
I instantly had visions of ruffles, hair bows, and dresses. 
I just never realized exactly how many bows and headbands she would have...and she's only 6 months!
I originally bought some hooks and placed them on the inside of her armoire,
but I quickly realized that we were going to need back up.
Her head jewelry as I call it was multiplying.
I had seen some seriously adorable hair bow and headband holders,
but I was in a DIY mood, and not to toot my own horn...(ok fine, toot-toot)
but I think it came out pretty darn cute.
The supplies were very simple and since I already had most of it, I spent less than $10.
The only thing missing here is some white spray paint that I used to spray the edges of the frame.
Next, I measured and cut the pieces of paper to fit the frame.
Using a paint brush, I painted the Mod Podge on the wood so that the paper would stay in place.
And then painted over it.
 I recommend using something flat to run along the paper to get those sneaky air bubbles out.
Next, I measured out the ribbon so that it would fit the frame (it doesn't have to exact)
and on the backside I used a hot glue gun to secure each side.
With my trusty ruler I then measured out the hooks so that they were 2 inches apart.
Thankfully, the wooden frame was not too thick so I was able to simply press the hooks in firmly,
and they easily screwed right in.
*Side note: be sure to check what you have on hand first. I later realized I had the perfect white hooks and swapped the gold out for white. One of these days I'll get better at planning ahead*

And the drum roll please.........
Here she hangs in all her glory.
My only regret is that I didn't purchase a bigger frame (again, poor planning).
I have a feeling we are going to outgrow this one too.
But until then, It makes the perfect home for Lucia's head jewelry.

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