Becoming a mother. 
I never could have imagined how it would be. 
Sure I tried, and what my imagination drew up wasn't too far off. 
But my imagination could have never anticipated the pure emotions that come along with it.
I thought by now, 8 months into it that I would have those feelings under control.
But I think I'm starting to realize that this is just the beginning.
These raw emotions are sneaky and hit me in the most unlikely of situations.
That is why I have coined them the BAM moments....or "becoming a mother" moments.
Just when I think I've got it, I get hit. hard. with a BAM moment.
Take last night for instance.
 Tiny woke up and it seems that all she wanted was a snuggle or two, or three...
As I brought her into bed with us and tried to go back to sleep,
 I was suddenly hit hard by the thought that I was a mother.
 I had this little life that I was responsible for.
She depends on me. And while I thought I already knew this...
whenever it invades my thoughts it leaves me in awe! 
I feel like I've joined the millions upon millions of mothers who have experienced these feelings.
People say don't lose who you are when you become a mother, 
but the truth of the matter is I will never be the same.
I will never go out again and not think about someone other than me.
And if I do, I am sure a BAM moment will be waiting right around the corner to put me into place.
See, I think that's their purpose in life. 
BAM moments keep us Mamas from getting too complacent.
They keep things real, honest and pure.

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