The Beat Goes On

Last night we took our tiny to a long standing tradition.
A tradition that people have been dancing and beating their drums to for years all around the world.
A place where the community mentality goes from ME to WE.
 We gathered our drum and as soon as we hit the beach, 
the rhythm took over. 
Tiny loved it. 
She beat her drum right alongside everyone else.
In both conventional,
and unconventional ways.
And although there were storm clouds to the right, to the left we had a beautiful sunset!
It got me to thinking about how lucky I feel to not be in this alone. 
Becoming a parent is amazing, but can sometimes feel isolating.
Thank you to my family.
Thank you to my friends.
Thank you for helping to make this new journey feel like a WE experience.
You know who you are...and it truly is appreciated.

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