Don't Blink

Lately life has been moving at a rate that I didn't know was possible.
I look at my tiny everyday in disbelief. 
It seems impossible that she is where she is. 
Not because I think she's a genius baby (well I think she is)
 but because I can't place my finger on how we got here.
The evolution is a grand, awe inspiring process to watch.
She's moving, playing, smiling, interacting and showing us her personality each day.
Just when I think my heart can't love anymore,
it does. 
I continue to wish I had some sort of machine
 where I could bottle all of these feelings up,
pulling them out for days when I'll really need them...
her first night away, her first date, college, wedding.
NOBODY can prepare you for this!
You can register for every toy and gadget in the store
 (which I may or may not have done)
but you can't be prepared for a love like this...
and even if you could register for it,
it would be so expensive to buy you would never receive it.
And it literally is happening in the blink of an eye.
I love this stage we are in.
To be honest I am petrified to blink because I know it will then be over.
But if the next stage is anything like the past,
then I am sure it will have my heart bursting at the seams.

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