Sweet Weekends

Oh the joys of Monday.
A time to reflect over the past weekend.
We had an eventful one. 
Here is our weekend recap:

Saturday, I managed to survive the most dreaded moment of any new mothers life. As I realized I had accidentally locked tiny in the car, My heart raised to a heart rate that I didn't know was possible. THANK GOD I had my phone and that my husband was close by to come rescue me from an experience that I hope to be the first and last! It was beyond frightening.
However I am thoroughly impressed that I even made it to our favorite music class after the ordeal.
In an effort to restore my faith in myself as a mother, We visited our local children's museum, Great Explorations
Tiny had a great time, and I was finally able to relax.
Sunday was a new day. We got up early, went for a swim with our cousins and then dedicated the rest of the day to Spain. The hubs made paella, we dressed in red and watched Spain beat Italy in the Eurocup. To say Papa was proud is an understatement!

It was a good weekend. 
A weekend of learning.
 A weekend of celebrating. 
A weekend to remember.
I hope yours was just as great.

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