You Get What You Pay For

This weekend we decided to head to the zoo for $5 zoo day. 
Becoming a stay at home mom has taught me a lesson in becoming thrifty,
and in theory it sounded perfect!
 You pay $5 rather than $25 per person and you get to spend the beautiful summer day looking at exotic animals. Who wouldn't want to do this really?
hahahahahahaha.....yes that's the universe laughing at my stupidity.
Let me explain:
We arrived early to avoid the expected crowds. We were so proud of ourselves.
Tiny had other plans.
 She decided that it was the perfect time to "unload" herself,
so we spent the first 20 minutes cleaning up a very stinky messy baby and car seat.
It was a mess, but we were done.
(although we used every wipe we had so we prayed there was no more coming out)
As we found ourselves among lines of people waiting to get in,
we laughed about the incident,
and gagged over the anticipated smell we would find later.
The hubs joked that the car might burst into flames.
It started out fun.
 We giggled at warthogs and tufted deer.
We ooed and ahhed over the African wildlife.
And hung upside down like the bats do (OK fine, we just turned the picture upside down).
In these moments it was fun.
However what you don't see are the MASS amounts of people, sweaty people everywhere.
What you don't see is tiny screaming because she's hot and hates her stroller.
Again, my jokester husband laughed that the zoo wasn't the animals but rather the people inside.
So in the end, we came, we saw and we got the heck out of there.
The saying "you get what you pay for" kept ringing in my ears.
$5 zoo day was an epic fail, but fortunately for tiny,
the only thing she'll remember are how rad her parents are for taking her.

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