A New Olympic Medal

The Olympics have geared up into full swing lately,
and while I usually stare at the TV in awe of their athletic ability,
lately I feel like I've been racing in my own Olympic event.
Tiny must be going through a growth spurt which in a way excites me,
but getting up every 2 hours for the past few nights has become exhausting.
Honestly, I think I deserve a medal.
Not because I'm doing something no one has ever done before,
but because it is a true talent to sleep so little and still function throughout the day,
and lately I have truly surprised myself at how little sleep I can survive on.
Last night, however if must have caught up with us. 
After tiny fell asleep we decided to check into our own sleepy slumber,
before the sun even went down
It might have been a first, but it felt Oh-So-Good!
And don't worry if you can't see the image on the TV...
as we fell asleep, neither did we.

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