Forgive Me

To say life has been busy would be nothing short of a lie.
But it's not the busy I once knew.
The word "busy" seems to have evolved into a new definition for me.
Tiny started crawling and though I knew at some point she would get here, I guess I didn't really prepare myself for how I would feel.
She seems so much more independent. 
She scans the room, finds her target and crawls over with sheer delight twinkling in her eyes.
It is a joy to watch!
And yet my heart is torn between bursting with joy and shedding tears at how she is growing.
I struggle to find any time to do anything but play with her, watch her discover the world.
Cleaning, cooking, sleeping and blogging all seem to be put on hold, shoved to the corner until we aren't so "busy".
I know it's just a stage and like all things in life, it will come to an end and greeted by a new stage,
but until then:
 Forgive me readers.
Forgive me darling husband.
Forgive me sweet friends.
If I seem to be missing or too busy,
well I guess I am.

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  1. You and Kirby seriously look like you haven't had babies!! Cute pics. Yay, Lucia for crawling!