Let's Get Sandy.

This weekend marks the beginning of what I hope is an annual tradition.
A weekend where memories are made, laughter is heard and feet are sandy.
A weekend where flip flops and bathing suits are the only attire needed.
(which has me baffled at how much stuff we have loaded in our car)
The Beneroso family vacation has kicked into full swing.
Yesterday morning we loaded up the car:
 2 dogs, 1 baby, 2 sleep deprived parents,
and headed south to Sanibel for a long weekend getaway.
 We had all intentions of getting everything packed the night before,
with dreams of waking after a peaceful nights sleep as we leisurely hopped in the car.
Of course as any parent can tell you, 
reality usually looks a little different.
Ahhhhhh. Now this reality is more like it. 
We arrived safely and for the next few days this is where you can find us.
None of life's little interruptions to get in the way.
 Just pure, raw, natural beauty.
And since I left my toiletries bag behind with everything from deodorant to a toothbrush,
that is exactly what kind of weekend it will be. 
Thankfully my husband loves me just the way I am!
I Hope your weekend is just as beautiful.

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