The Whole Experience

I am a strong believer in eating healthy, natural, preferably organic foods.
Now don't start judging me right away. I don't eat this way 100% of the time. 
I still love a corn-dog from the fair,
 and when desperate times call for desperate measures,
I'll indulge in a soda.
But most of the time, like the other 89% of the time I try and eat delicious, healthy foods.
Foods that I know will nourish me...and since I'm nursing, will also nourish tiny.
What I can't seem to wrap my head around is that now-a-days, locally fresh organic food is a delicacy usually enjoyed by those that have a few extra bucks to spend,
and unhealthy, nourishment stealing foods are cheap...like 2 for $2 cheap.
It's seems so backwards,
and I can't help but feel like we have made steps in the opposite direction as a society.
But I am ever so grateful for places that do strive to offer the best.
A place in my opinion that should become the standard in grocery shopping. 
Sure I love Publix but it's got Nothing on Whole Foods!
It never ceases to have an abundance of fresh, organic fruits and veggies,
overflowing off of every display,
 and the explosion of colors is enough to make you want to stop and just take it all in for a moment or two.
The veggies always seem to be at the freshest, peakest moments of their lives,
and they have an uncanny appearance as if they were just picked straight from the garden.
The variety is even more amazing. Mushrooms of all sorts of shapes and sizes,
many of which I had never even heard of...and that is what I love!
Finding something different and rare.
 We spent nearly 2 hours there, perusing the aisles, in awe of the many different options...even shoes!
We literally could not stay another moment due to lack of space,
not that you couldn't figure that out by our overflowing cart.
We thought about piling around tiny but figured she had seen enough for one day.
And so we checked out, left, and headed home happily knowing that we were stocking our home with sweet, healthy, whole foods!


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  1. Love Whole Foods! I love having meetings in Tampa because I always stop by there :)