A Love Affair With Food

Let's talk food! Don't you just love food?
The smells, textures, tastes.
Tiny LUH-HUVS food!
But the truth is it really didn't start out that way. 
I was ready to make all her food.
 I registered for the Beaba (which by the way really is awesome)
with visions of organic homemade baby food stocked in our freezer,
and it was that way...sort of.
 We all gathered around to watch tiny try it out but to our surprise she really wanted nothing to do with it. I thought it was just the green beans,
 but with each new food I tried, she seemed less than impressed.
But that alllll changed around 8 months when we started BLW, baby led weaning.
Baby led weaning, seems like a very out of the box idea, 
after all we have been taught that babies eat pureed food.
But the truth is, BLW ranks up there with some of the best decisions we have made so far.
In short, BLW simply means letting your baby feed themselves.
That means no more purees. No more mush.
 It creates a healthy food habit from an early age.
Babies get to feed themselves and decide when they are full.
They get to discover & explore new textures on their hands and tongues.
Just whole, healthy foods.
And let me tell you, babies love it! 
It gives them the freedom to choose what they eat and how they eat it,
and it's wonderful fine motor skill practice.
Age appropriate foods, that baby can hold onto well tend to work the best,
and I find that slippery foods can be rolled in cereal or baby puffs to give it more grip.
 But really not much is off limits. 
It's amazing to watch how much joy tiny gets from feeding herself.
And of course, my favorite part is that we can now have a proper family dinner without me having to shove food down her throat.
It is pure, messy goodness.
For our family it is the perfect solution and if there is ever a next one,
 I am jumping in head first with BLW rather than easing in with purees.
To check out more on BLW check out these websites:

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