Bad to Good

Oh the joys of being a dog owner.
I have posted a few times now about the world's worst dog,
 that I so lovingly inherited when I married my husband.
He gets into all kinds of shenanigans. 
But I'm pretty sure he outdid himself this time (although that's what I say every time).
I let him out for his usual afternoon potty time
only to find him return covered in poop.
Oh Noah, how do you get yourself into these situations?
As I chased Noah around the back yard with a hose, 
I was cursing the dog gods for bringing such a terrible no good dog into my life.
But then I turned around to see this...
And ya know what? The entire situation didn't seem as bad anymore.
Tiny thought the whole thing was hysterical.
And I couldn't resist a good chuckle from both the situation and that hilarious baby face.
See good things can always come out of tough situations.
Let's just hope he doesn't do it again!

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