Today's Letter Is...

I can't wait to show you my latest creation today.
I have had my eye on large cardboard letters at the craft store for some time now,
 but could never really find the right inspiration to purchase one...
until now. 
This year for Tiny's 1st birthday we are celebrating "secret garden style",
and every garden needs a mossy letter.
It truly was the easiest (though not exactly the cleanest) project I have ever attempted.
I purchased the letter, and a roll of instant moss and that was it.
To start, I simply traced the letter onto the moss with a sharpie pen.
Luckily my letter fit right onto the moss but even if yours didn't it would be easy enough to do.
Next I cut out the tracing.
For the sake of the hot glue not drying on me, I didn't take any pictures of this part,
but it was easy peasy...I just generously put the glue along the letter and applied the pre-cut moss.
Next I measured along the sides of the letter and cut stripes of moss to fit.
Don't worry if you cut to little or to much. It is the most forgiving craft,
and each moss piece blends beautifully into the next.
And Here it is.
It sure beats Pottery Barn's $80 version.
As a matter of fact, I spent $16 dollars total to make this.
Your welcome hubby.
So what are you waiting for...go get yourself a letter to decorate.
*disclaimer: you will want a vacuum handy as the moss sheds a bit*

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