2 Years Ago

2 years ago today my life was about to change.
I woke up filled with excitement. 
There was so much to get ready for. 
2 years ago today I married an amazing man,
and woke up the next morning feeling like I couldn't be any happier.
But that's because I didn't know what was waiting 2 years down the road.
Though our romantic evenings have dwindled,
and eating breakfast in bed after a restful evening of sleep is long gone,
I cherish these days just as much as I cherished this day 2 years ago.
Tonight we will take a carriage ride in the same carriage that picked us up 2 years ago,
except this time the ride will feel just a little more complete as we share with our daughter,
what we experienced together the first time around.
It will surely be an anniversary to remember.
Happy Anniversary to our little family.

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