A Morning Must Have

OK, OK I swear I don't eat pancakes every day,
and I know I have already posted about how wonderful I think they are 
BUT...I couldn't help but share this amazing pancake accessory.
As if a delicious chocolate chip and blueberry pancake wasn't enough, 
I stumbled upon these pancake plates on Uncommon Goods,
 and thought they would be the perfect gift for my valentine.
The concept is so simple, yet so genius.
 It's one of those clever goodies that has you thinking "why didn't I think of that".
And I truly wish I had.
The plate is slightly tilted so that when the syrup is poured...
You get just the perfect amount on top of your fluffy pancakes,
and the rest slides down to make a sweet, sticky, syrup lake.
This way you always have the perfect amount of syrup and sweetness in each bite.
Here's to always having just the right amount of sweetness in each day.

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