A Nursery Surprise

I love surprises,
and my hubs knows this.
On occasion, he will surprise me with things,
and although on this occasion I knew what was hidden behind that adorable paper,
I had no idea it was coming.
 I had spotted this frame awhile back at Marion's,
and always thought my tiny would really shine in it.
So we happily ditched this lady
 (no offense if your reading)

and filled it with the most delicious toes I ever did see.
Tiny baby toes could quite possibly be my very. favorite. thing.
So in honor of our tiny, 
we added her ten little piggies to her nursery.
It makes me smile every time I walk into her room,
and I can't help but think about all the adventures those toes will go on.
All the places they will take her.
But until then, these little piggies are right where they belong.
*Thank you to Carolyn Loesch Photography for creating such a beautiful memory*

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