Meet Winter

Our family recently took a day trip to the nearby Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
It is no SeaWorld, but it is home to a dolphin just as famous as Shamu.
Meet Winter.
Winter the dolphin.
Winter is an incredible animal with a tremendous love story.
She is a humble dolphin,
and hasn't let her recent stardom in Dolphin Tales go to her head.
 She is a dolphin that defies all the odds.
Winter, like so many animals, 
suffered entanglement among fishing nets which unfortunately caused her to loose her tail.
But it never stopped her from receiving love.
She receives dolphin therapy every day,
beginning with a stretch.
 and with the power of the human mind,
they created a prosthetic tail for Winter.
(I know...seriously cool right?)
A True Dolphin Tale,
of love and compassion.
And of Resilience in it's fullest form.
Though it would take a lot to break this dolphins spirit.
Tiny was just as enamored by the dolphin miracle,
 and fun was had by all.
If you haven't seen the movie Dolphin Tales yet, it is a great, inspirational family movie for all ages.

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