A Satisfied Heart

Since I was a wee one I have LOVED artichokes.
Whenever I had to share my favorite food I would proudly say artichoke,
and all the other kids would quizzically look at me wondering what in the world an artichoke was.
They had no idea what they were missing out on.
If you are still living in the dark about these amazing veggies,
I am here to change your world.
Behold the artichoke.
Prickly leaves cover the outside, 
but don't let if fool you. 
What lies beneath is a hidden treasure.
 To prepare: simply cut off the bottom
 and the prickly tops
 This allows for them to sit nicely into the pot.
Once in place,
steam them covered on medium high heat for 25 minutes.
I had all intentions of taking a picture on how to eat them,
because it can be tricky,
but I found it hard to put the leaves down and pick the camera up.
It. was. delicious.
As you can see, you only eat the bottom part of the leaf.
Peeling away each layer until you get to the "heart' of the matter.
The artichoke heart. 
I applaud the first person who picked up the artichoke,
peeled back its prickly outer layer,
revealing its heart.
Even the heart can be misleading with its furry top,
but once it's cut out,
It is a true delicacy
and I promise this is a heart that will never break yours.
And just because I love artichokes so very much,
I picked up this awesome candle on our recent NC trip.
I wonder if there's a hidden treasure awaiting me on the inside?


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