Surviving The Road

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Our recent road trip was grueling yet enjoyable all at the same time,
It did however leave me wondering if there could be an easier way.
A way to make the trip a little less grueling and a little more enjoyable.
So here it is. 
My tips for easier traveling,
 with kids, furry friends, and the other sex.

* Pack ahead of time. If your the list type, make a list. It is overwhelming to pack for not only yourself but another person...and I only have 1 child. 
*Set expectations and expect them to be broken. I say this because no matter how hard we try, getting out of the house and on the road at our designated lift off time never seems to happen.  Sleep, packing, a wet diaper, a hungry baby; these are all things that get in the way. But hey, it's the thought that counts right?
*Load the car ahead of time. As mentioned above, getting out of the house is hard enough. Make it easier on yourself and pack the car have your husband pack the car the night before. It will make the morning less chaotic.
*Pack the car with convenience in mind. I learned this lesson the hard way. I went to grab a diaper and realized that they were buried. I went to grab a snack and found them smashed up against the back window, in a little hole that only Houdini could escape from. If I just would have put them somewhere more reachable, life would have been a little easier.
*Break the Rules. I don't mean drink and drive. Although you may really want to, avoid the urge and pop in a good movie. We recently invested in a few Baby Einstein DVD's and it quite possibly was the best money we spent in a long time. I definitely don't let my tiny sit around all day watching movies at home but I say once the key is turned, or in our case the button is pushed, anything goes. If it takes a movie on repeat to make the trip more bearable for my little lady then so be it.
*Download/rent an audio-book. I must have been living under a hole for all my past road trips because I am just now realizing how incredible audio-books are. They really do make the trip go faster. I prefer comedy books but any book will do. The hard part is deciding on a book with your better half.
*Laugh. When it's all said and done, remember that you are creating memories. Memories that will most likely last a lifetime, or if you have a memory like me, a few years. Life is short. Enjoy the ride.

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