A New Rule

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I will be the first to admit that this family enjoys watching our TV shows
from the news to the bachelorette, they provide us with an escape.
For instance, last night Papa came home from work, we put Lucia to bed and within minutes we had already kicked our feet up on the couch, 
glass of wine in hand to watch TV.
(expect the poor hubs is on a juicing cleanse so he had to catch his drool as he watched me wine and dine).
I'm not complaining because we really enjoy it.
But as we sat there watching the silent film The Artist...
which I highly recommend, 
I started thinking about our priorities.
I remember reading an article about a family whose 2 year old had literally NEVER seen the TV and I started wondering if we could apply it, in a less extreme way to our own lives...because let's face it, my morning doesn't feel complete without the Today's Show on,
 and America's Got Talent couldn't survive without my at home critiques.
But if we would have turned that square entertainer to the off mode,
would we have actually talked? Like really talked to each other?
I envisioned us giggling over a board game and a glass of wine and although the movie was delightful, time spent with the husband sounded even better.
So I proposed a "no TV rule".
 One night a week the TV disappears and we spend quality time together.
To my surprise he seemed interested.
And so it begins. 
It's a little challenge if you will,
and I'm excited to see what we can actually accomplish without the TV.
So now I propose the same idea to you.
I've never been one to enjoy doing things alone so join me...
I think we just might be pleasantly surprised.
Who's comin' with me?

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  1. Love it... When I was younger, around 10 or 11, we took away TVs for a year... We all look back and wonder how we did it, but really we got to spend good quality time together and were outside more, talking more and zoned out less. It was great... I actually only watch TV now for the Bachelorette and Real Housewives (guilty pleasure)! It really taught us to enjoy what we had and not watch shows about what we didn't have. Good luck, you'll really enjoy it! :)