Really Tiny?

I spend nearly every waking hour with tiny.
I change her diapers, I feed her during all hours of the day and night, 
and for goodness sake...
You would think that would be reason enough.
I am a proud mama and I am constantly in her face saying "mama, mama".
But of course those were not her first words....no no friends,
because yesterday we woke up to "papa,papa". 
And my ignorant American mentality 
thought for sure that all babies said mama and dada first,
so I wasn't prepared for it. 
Neither of us were really, but boy did it make her Papa proud.
He. Was. Beaming.
Of course at first I tried to discount the whole thing.
"she doesn't really know what she's saying" was the first thing that came out of my mouth...
and then I realized maybe she does.
Maybe she is 1000 times smarter than I could ever give her credit for,
and she knows exactly what she's doing.
She's just tightening up the already tight string that she has wrapped around his finger.
She is tightening the string around the finger,
that she will one day hold onto as she takes her first steps.
The finger that will one day take her to her first daddy-daughter dance,
and the finger that will one day send her off into this big bright world.
Way to go tiny...you are smarter than any of us could have imagined.
p.s. Tiny, when all else fails, your papa LOVES chocolate. 



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