Sensory Overload

I have been reading more and more about the Montessori approach to learning.
It really makes sense and it has me feeling like I have completely fallen victim to the:
"you're a new mom and you need every plastic gadget out there" mentality.
Though I can say we loved the swing and bouncer seat, I can also say that they weren't necessary.
Perhaps tiny would have been more at ease moving on her own?
At any rate...we are surely not 100% Montessori around here. 
We still get giggles out of our beloved plastic toys that move, shake, dance and sing.
But I also want tiny to understand that not everything is such instant gratification and entertainment.
I want her to use her beautiful little mind to figure things out.
So as we slowly transition from stimulation overload...
I came across these sensory bottles, (if I could actually remember from where I would give due credit) and thought I would give them a try.
First off they are literally the easiest things I have ever made.
It's simple: 
  • Drink a lot of water to collect your water bottles
  • Hunt around your home for items. I found pennies from the hubbies change jar (sorry love), glitter, fabric flowers, food dye, pasta, and some sand and shells from our recent beach vacation
  • Fill up the bottles with your treasures
  • Watch in delight as your baby discovers 
Here they are in all their glory. 
I left a few without water so she could really hear what happens when she shakes them.
Here she is trying to decide which one to investigate first. 
 It was a hit!
I don't have to listen to a little weasel sing "weeee" all day long,
and tiny gets to enjoy a new, free, mind growing toy. 
Give it a try!
And best of all, this can be modified for many ages.
Got an older one? Fill a bottle with magnetic items and hand over a magnetic wand.

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  1. I've been meaning to try some of these since I saw the idea somewhere on Pinterest a while back, but now I think you've given me the necessary inspiration! Thanks!! Lucia is too cute. :)