Peace Be With You

Raising a child is no easy task, and as the saying goes,
it takes a village.
In so many ways I have seen this as the truth since tiny arrived.
We have been blessed with many helping and loving hands since the day she entered our lives.
But today I have such a heavy heart. 
A heart that feels like the village has failed her. 
It started with a joyful trip to our local park and ended with a scary robbery at gunpoint.
Thankfully it wasn't us, and thankfully the victim was not harmed,
 (the victim who happened to be a pregnant mama with a 1 year old on her hip)
but it has me on edge. 
As a mother I feel like I have the right to feel safe,
and it deeply saddens me to know that I have to watch my back wherever we go.
It saddens me even more to know that this is the kind of world I will have to teach Lucia about.
Having a child has already shown me a side of anxiety that I never knew existed,
but this might just be enough to send me over the edge.
Be safe and cautious wherever you are mama's.
Always be aware of your surroundings,
and may peace be with you wherever you go.

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